What deck are you currently using? Do you always win every match? If you do not, you might need to check out our WWE Supercard deck guide where you have to learn how to build it as it is really important to help you play easily. A deck is the most important part of this game because it will be the cutting edge of your performance. We have listed out what you have to do in order to build it where you might check out below. You have to follow all the steps given as it will help a lot.

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As you may know, Seasons are opportunities for the WWE SuperCard team to continue pushing the game forward, providing all of you with awesome additions and updates to your WWE card-battling experience. Most recently in Season 2 S2 , we focused on creating strategic diversity. For the first time ever, we introduced the ability for you to personalize your cards by leveling up stats through match ups and Tokens. We also wanted to make the game more social, so we added features that let you join teams, interact with your friends and play in events with your squad to earn cards.

Ranked is being designed to test not only your collecting power but also your battling know-how. More information will be announced down the road, but the Ranked offering will be playable with active cards from both S2 and S3; Wild will be your destination for No DQ matches, and the battleground will let you play with your S1, S2 and S3 cards for the very first time.

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The Player can customize his team by discovering cards and train and combine them to power up his deck to upgrade their levels and unlock their full potential. Take your five-man team online against other opponents to test your skills. Win your matches to receive new cards to add to your roster. WWE Super Card consists of several modes. Every exhibition match includes an assortment of matches, in which the player chooses a couple of cards with or without a support card.

There are generally three matches in such a game, each carrying one point to the triumphant player. Every win gives the player two picks though a misfortune loss gives one and an impeccable win triumph gives an additional pick. PCC matches are much the same as Exhibition matches. A team is to be made comprising of 4 or more individuals to be qualified in the team PCC.

At that point a pool is made of cards from each member. Not at all like the alternate modes, this mode utilizes a stamina framework as a part of which you can play 5 matches in a row. The player can gain a free match at regular intervals or pay for stamina with credits. Rewards from this mode relies on upon the rarity of your superstars and can gain a card from 1 low rare card, a current rare card or 1 high card.

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By opening packs and competing in matches, you can build and expand on your vast collection; allowing you to collect all of your favourite wrestlers from over the years. Any WWE superstar you can think of can be found in this game, all alongside a very simple, but enjoyable gameplay system that is unlike any-other collectible card game out right now. These tactics for android and iOS are going to make your life considerably easier in this game as a whole.

First of all, make sure to login at least once a day. Your rewards get better with every consecutive login.

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WWE SuperCard App Ranking and Store Data

The game brings an exciting player vs player mode in which you get to fight against players from all over the world using your cards roster. A monthly ranking system is also available in the game to check out your standing among players from all over the world. WWE SuperCard brings the ultimate entertainment to your devices with a huge variety of the most famous wrestling stars of the world. The game promises an exciting gameplay and stunning visuals that will never let you get bored.

The reduced number of cards allowed per deck surprisingly increases the challenge of building a great deck while using the correct hero that fits your deck

Lane is playing the heel but Tully is drawing the heel heat for some reason.

Free with In App Purchases Compatibility: You can track the performance of WWE SuperCard every hour of every day across different countries, categories and devices. To see this weeks data up to the last hour. Discover More After Free Registration! Sign up for free and get unlimited access to rankings, reviews, ratings, keywords and more.

Earn Competitive Points for every PVP match you win, earn even more based on your rank in your weekly league, and get even better rewards by ranking on the global leaderboard. Then, use Competitive Points in the CP store to get new cards, cardbacks, and packs!

WWE SuperCard Box Shots and Screenshots for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Enjoy watching the overstated action come alive in full HD graphics and highly arresting sound effects! Andy OS emulating software supports virtualisation technology so you can sync your favourite WWE SuperCard to any device without compromising your virtual experience. Andy brings to you the latest push notification alerts straight from the Google Play Store.

The cloud syncing innovation of Google Drive retains your collection of new cards, achievements and saved settings at the cloud storage so you can get access to your roster of WWE Managers, Legends, Divas and Superstars anytime you want from any device. With Andy OS emulator, you can finally break free from limited storage, insufficiently charged batteries from your mobile phones and the dilemma that goes with various software settings.

Hence, you can sync your favourite apps to your mobile and run the apps from your desktop computer.

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WWE Supercard Deck Guide, Learn How to Build it!

This guide is designed to help you understand the basics of the game and give some tips on the gameplay to further your progress. You collect cards of the most popular wrestlers in the league and pit them against each other in card-based gameplay. The mechanics are pretty simple and good for anyone skilled or new to just pick up and play.

Each round you choose one of your wrestler cards and send them in. Every wrestler has their own stats on the card that matter and typically those with the higher numbers win the match. In each game, there are 3 rounds that are played and to win the match you have to win two of the rounds.

This crowd was going to cheer Aries under any circumstances.

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Gameplay Reversals have been changed so players have a set amount of reversals per match, preventing players from spamming reversals all match. Visuals and audio Screenshot showing the improvement in detail of Neville ‘s character model The commentary team has been expanded to three members, with John “Bradshaw” Layfield joining the returning Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. MyCareer MyCareer returns from 2K15, with 2K claiming the mode will be significantly expanded from last year’s game.

The character’s personality can be influenced through actions, such as forming alliances and rivalries. The Authority are featured in the mode, with the player having the option to support or defy them, causing their career to be influenced. Judgment Day versions will be a playable character available as a pre-order exclusive. The trailer was a re-enactment of the bar scene from Terminator 2: