So, by the age of 35, how many men do you think you will be dating or have dated? Kim is likely to beat all of you in the race. From models to sports stars, Kim has dated numerous men. Damon Thomas and Kim. The couple stayed together for four years and, ended up with a divorce. Ray J Norwood Caption: Kim dated him for about three years and was in a serious, relationship with him.

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These two quickly became a power couple thanks to the instant popularity of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the show captured plenty of the drama throughout their relationship. They called it quits in July but reunited for a few months right before Khloe Kardashian got married that September. And just in time for Bush to bring home a Super Bowl ring. The rumors about these two died down quickly after that single encounter.

In this nice photo, Kim looks stunning in her wedding dress as she poses next to her new husband, Kanye West.

West, the child of a photographer and former Black Panther father and a college professor mother, grew up in Chicago and attended Chicago State University for one year before dropping out to pursue a career in music. When he finally released his debut solo album, The College Dropout , it was massively successful: Abetted by his flamboyant personality, West quickly rose to stardom. Kanye West performing at the 47th annual Grammy Awards, Feb.

In West released s and Heartbreak, an album that dwelled on feelings of personal loss and regret. Its sound differed radically from his previous releases, as West chose to sing with the assistance of a vocal production tool called Auto-Tune rather than rap his lyrics.

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Pin It The recent celebrity nude photo leak has been causing all kinds of chaos in Hollywood. In addition to the fact that it’s embarrassing and a HUGE invasion of privacy, it dug up old, very private photos from the past, which would make for some pretty awkward conversations in the present. In Kim Kardashian ‘s case, it sounds like some of the photos might have been from previous relationships and anyone could understand why husband Kanye West wouldn’t want to be reminded of that.

When we’re in a relationship, we don’t want to see the sexy moments our partner shared with their ex. The source says that Kanye understands that it isn’t Kim’s fault, but he’s still upset because

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Kim Kardashian Husband and Dating History By admin on Aug 22, advertisement Kim Kardashian is a social media personality, actress, model, and fashion designer. The reality star is currently married to rapper Kanye West and has a daughter named North whom she often talks about. Her wish began to come true in , when she eloped with famed music producer Damon Thomas.

A then-nineteen-year-old Kardashian remained with her husband for three years until he filed for divorce in Ray J, became the new Kim Kardashian boyfriend. The rising socialite discovered excitement in the relationship to the point of recording a sex tape with her boyfriend that later leaked in

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When it comes to dating life in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian has always took the top spot. Similarly, some of her clear affairs and long-time relationships with several of the A-list bachelors of show business. When she got married to Damon Thomas, she was just 19 years old. New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. They both announced they were separating just 72 days later of marriage on October 31,

He’s long been a favorite of music supervisors:

Unfortunately, we may never know the answer to that but we can imagine she does. Reggie Bush just wishes it was his kitchen that she walked around like this in. Kim Kardashian once dated T. Jackson — the son of Michael Jackson’s brother Tito — when she was 14 years old. According to Kardashian, there were baby elephants, chimpanzees, and all the carnival rides. That would have made it so much better if he had shown up, though!

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Robert Kardashian was a top lawyer, best known for defending O. Simpson when Simpson was charged with the double murder of his wife and her friend. Robert died on

West claimed he wasn’t paid for subscriptions brought to the service with his The Life of Pablo album, and Tidal claimed West “failed to deliver” contracted music videos.

The best relationships start as friendships. That’s the case for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who remained friends for years before getting caught up in a romantic whirlwind. And what a whirlwind it has been. Click through to see how their love story has unfolded. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian first met back in and became good buddies. The friends were first photographed together at a party in Los Angeles in But nothing romantic sparked between the platonic pals since Kim was seeing Reggie Bush and Kanye was in a relationship with model Alexis Phifer.

Like us on Facebook? Kanye even became buddy-buddy with the Kardashian family, but it was obvious that he only had eyes for Kim. But it was a little too late.

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After a closely watched pregnancy, Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl, according to several reports. Advertisement The baby came about a month early, as the E! Meet the Kardashians “Kim had her baby,” a hospital source told Us. Kim got sick last night and had the baby early. They’re all doing great and amazing!

Biggest celebrity feuds The beef between Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne dates to an open letter Gaga wrote , accusing Kelly of being a bully.

After all, nobody loves being the center of attention more than either of them, so neither one will get tired of the publicity that comes with being a famous rapper or reality TV star. Long before West won Kardashian over , he had quite the love life of his own. In fact, one woman almost became his wife before Kardashian did.

Here are the women West dated before settling down in his happy marriage. Alexis Phifer West and fashion designer Alexis Phifer go way back. She was there to see him rise to fame, which ultimately led to the demise of their relationship but more on that later. Aside from a break in their relationship, they were happy as can be over the next few years.

So much so that they actually became engaged in Plus, we apparently have Phifer to thank for the West we know and love today. Having a baby ticks a box. West and Rose began dating in , but their relationship came to an end in However, it was apparently far from an amicable breakup. Rose claimed that Kardashian was the reason for their split , suggesting that West had been cheating on her with his future wife.

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