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Traces of Evil: Nazi Sites Around Munich’s Marienplatz

Although scholars still dispute the interpretation of the name, [12] there remain a few noteworthy interpretations. The oldest known form of the city’s name is Astnide, which changed to Essen by way of forms such as Astnidum, Assinde, Essendia and Esnede. The name Astnide may have referred either to a region where many ash trees were found or to a region in the East of the Frankish Empire.

Early history[ edit ] The oldest archaeological find, the Vogelheimer Klinge , dates back to , — , BC.

Finds from 3, BC and onwards are far more common, the most important one being a Megalithic tomb found in

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Zeitarbeit & Jobs in Halle

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message The Sterntor, originally built around , is a gate reconstructed on the remnants of the medieval city wall.

Folk Arts folklore , the artistic activity of the working people; the poetry, music, theater, dance, architecture, and fine and applied art created by the people and existing among the popular masses.

Here is the view immediately after the war and today taken from the top of the Neues Rathaus next to the Marienplatz showing the roofless Altes Rathaus looking up Tal road. It was at the old town hall where, on November 9, Joseph Goebbels gave his infamous speech initiating the infamous nationwide Kristallnacht pogroms.

The roofless Heilig-Geist-Kirche is on the right of the photo and its spire, without the copper top, is behind the church. Hitler’s paintings of Marienplatz. From the time of the so-called Beer Hall Putsch and whilst taking a school group from Naples, Florida on a tour. The bus in the foreground transporting armed Nazis to Munich reads Hofbrauhaus F[reising].

At the Marienplatz the Nazi column encountered a large crowd which was listening to an exhortation of Julius Streicher, the Jew-baiter from Nuremberg, who had rushed to Munich at the first news of the putsch.

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Half of the world’s wetlands were lost last century. Logging and conversion have shrunk the world’s forests by as much as half. Some 9 percent of the world’s tree species are at risk of extinction; tropical deforestation may exceed , square kilometers per year. Fishing fleets are 40 percent larger than the ocean can sustain. Nearly 70 percent of the world’s major marine fish stocks are overfished or are being fished at their biological limit. Soil degradation has affected two-thirds of the world’s agricultural lands in the last 50 years.

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Botanical Garden of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, founded in in the former gardens of the Archbishops of Magdeburg, belonging to the Garden Dreams project Reichardts Garten is a historic park, part of the Garden Dreams project. Laid out in by Johann Friedrich Reichardt — as an English garden, becoming the “accommodation of Romanticism”.

It changed ownership several times and the city of Halle bought the park in to give the public wider access. Galgenberge, location of the gallows from the 14th to the end of the 18th century Klausberge, porphyry hill, named after a chapel of the St. Hallors and Saline Museum Salt, also known as white gold, was extracted from four “Borns” well-like structures. The brine was highly concentrated and boiled in Koten, simple structured houses made from reed and clay. Salters, who wore a unique uniform with eighteen silver buttons, were known as Halloren, and this name was later used for the chocolates in the shape of these buttons.

The Halloren-Werke , the oldest chocolate factory in Germany , was founded in Old documents are on display and a chocolate room can be visited. Within East Germany , Halle’s chemical industry, now mainly shut down, was of great importance. The two main companies in the region were Buna-Werke and Leuna , and Halle-Neustadt was built in the s to accommodate the employees of these two factories.

The house where he lived is now a museum about his life. To celebrate his music, Halle has staged a Handel Festival since , annually in June since

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Understand[ edit ] Bronze-age sky disk of Nebra The state of Saxony-Anhalt is quite young as a territory, but deeply rooted in history. It was created in by the merger of some former Prussian territories around Magdeburg in the northern and western parts, the former Duchy of Anhalt in the central part, and old Saxon territories, which came to Prussia as a result of the Vienna Congress in , around Halle and Wittenberg in the eastern and southern parts. Therefore Saxony-Anhalt lacks a centralized structure the capital Magdeburg not being the largest city and many important sites are scattered around the state.

Saxony Anhalt was a very early center of settled civilization owing mostly to its very fertile loess soils as can be seen through archeological discoveries such as the neolithic Goseck circle that probably served as an early solar observatory and the Nebra sky disk, an astronomical masterpiece of the Bronze Age. Door of the Wittenberg palace chapel where Martin Luther purportedly posted his 95 theses in , starting the Protestant Reformation During the age of migrations, the Germanic inhabitants of the area went westward leaving space for Slawic settlers as evidenced by some place names.

Among some peoples the dance movements are synchronous with the music, and among others, for example, the Bulgarians, they are asynchronous.

Cultural values have as much to do with marriage as anything else. Education level and ethnicity determine these values most strongly, which is why one expects to see a high degree of correlation between partners in these areas. It has nothing to do with any racial superiority in any category. There is no scientific excuse for indulging in an orgy of post hoc multiple regressions when what is needed is more observations.

It is a distraction, and it I believe is misleading and has, in this instance, misled because it generates a spurious sense of conclusiveness. Alternatively, if you are wedded to your regression analysis, you can do another set or several sets of independent obs on which to test your regression model that purposrts to control for age — to see if it works on independent data, If it does control for age, then you can go ahead and use it.

You actually need to control for age. The biology way of doing biology is to use relatively small numbers of homogenous subjects eg inbred and identically reared rates of the same age. Men are interested in planting as many seeds as they can, wherever they can. Different races are exotic. Women are interested in a mate, a long-term companion, a provider.


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Among the legions stationed in Bonn, the “1st”, i.

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The heavier water, burdened with salt, sinks to the bottom in the North Atlantic.

Folk Arts folklore , the artistic activity of the working people; the poetry, music, theater, dance, architecture, and fine and applied art created by the people and existing among the popular masses. The collective artistic activity of the common people reflects their work, social organization and everyday life, knowledge of life and nature, and religious practices and beliefs. Evolving in the course of social labor, folk arts embody the views, ideals, and aspirations of the common people, their poetic imagination, their extremely rich world of thoughts, feelings, and experiences, their protest against exploitation and oppression, and their dreams of justice and happiness.

Having absorbed the age-old experience of the popular masses, folk arts are distinguished by a profound artistic grasp of reality, verisimilitude of imagery, and powerful generalizations. The rich images, themes, motifs, and forms of the folk arts are the result of a complex dialectical unity of individual albeit usually anonymous creation and collective artistic consciousness. In the course of centuries, the folk collective selects, improves, and enriches the solutions found by individual masters.

Continuity and persistence of artistic traditions within which individual creativity manifests itself are combined with diverse interpretations of these traditions in individual works. The collective nature of the folk arts, which constitutes their foundation and undying tradition, manifests itself at every stage in the creation of individual works or types of works. The process of creation, which includes improvisation reinforced by tradition and a subsequent improvement, enrichment, and sometimes renewal of the tradition, occurs over a very long period of time.

In all folk arts the creators of a work are also its performers, and the performance, in turn, can produce variants that enrich the tradition.

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