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Cadet Handbook

The top colleges host a full slate of Army, Navy, and Air Force units, but the service branches did not provide program rankings and no ranking organization ranked ROTC programs. Instead, the best ROTC schools demonstrated very high freshman retention and graduation rates, with top rankings by U. News and World Report for national universities, and worldwide rankings by Ranking Web of Universities, or Webometrics.

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Communication Studies Communication Studies Analysis of fundamental nature of human communication; its physical, linguistic, psychological and sociological bases. Study of theoretical models explicating the process and constituents of the communicative act. Analysis of legal, political and philosophical issues entailed in the rights of free expression, access to an audience, and access to information.

Study of court decisions governing freedom of communication in the U. Analysis of propositions, tests of evidence, and briefing. Study of hindrances to clear thinking, ambiguity of terms, and prejudices. Critical analysis of selected argumentative speeches. Basic preparation for participation in on-campus and intercollegiate forensics activities, including exposure to fundamentals of competitive forensic events.

Students practice public address, interpretation of literature, debate, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking and engage in independent research and analysis. Advanced practicum in speech. Participation in on-campus and intercollegiate forensics activities, including exposure to fundamentals of competitive forensic events. Intensive study of selected political or social issues, preparation of bibliography, analysis and evaluation of issues and arguments.

Top ROTC Colleges

A proud tradition Clemson’s Military Heritage Clemson University has a proud tradition of military excellence dating back to its founding as a military school. Beginning with the first graduating class of , more than 10, Clemson men and women have served in the armed forces. Many have been highly decorated for their service and sacrifices. Several were captured and held as prisoner of war.

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Army photo by Staff Sgt. Ken Scar Photo Credit: Skardon is 98 and Ballard is Photo by Ken Scar Photo Credit: Blackwell is a highly decorated combat veteran with numerous awards including two awards of the Silver Star, eight awards of the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Skardon is a beloved alumnus and professor emeritus of Clemson as well as the only survivor of the Bataan Death March that walks in the memorial march.

Funchess was a prisoner of war during the Korean War and wrote the book ‘Korea P. The ceremony named former outstanding cadets as patrons to each training unit, and named two outstanding former Army cadets – retired Lt. Gene Blackwell and retired Col. Each patron’s story was read, and a mini “museum” of artifacts from Clemson’s special collections was on display.

ROTC also plays an important role in campus life, helping keep Clemson’s military traditions alive.


The devastation of that day rallied patriotism and sent American troops into full-force combat to protect our country. Today we take the time to celebrate the men and women that gave their blood, sweat and tears to fight for our freedom in part two of A Soldier’s Story. An IED explodes on the side of a dirt road in Iraq and for one American soldier his life would never be the same.

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The Two-Year Program Sophomores, Junior College Transfers, and Partnership Schools If students miss the first two years of Army ROTC, the two-year program offers the opportunity to achieve the same goals and benefits as the four-year program, but at an accelerated pace. This is designed for sophomores who were unable to take the Basic Course, students transferring after attending a junior college or another institution, or for students attending one of our partnership schools.

In this program, students first attend Basic Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in the summer between their sophomore and junior years. The course is broken into four phases where cadets begin physical training, drill and ceremonies, team development, combat water survival, and land navigation. Upon graduation from Basic Camp, students may compete for two-year, campus bas scholarships. Students must have a minimum of 59 hours of college credit with a 2. Benefits of the SMP include immediate promotion to sergeant E5 for pay purposes in their current unit, receipt of any Montgomery G.

Information on these programs may be obtained through the Mountaineer Battalion webpage at http:

Cadet Emily Meyer

The event is free and open to the public, and will be followed by a reception. The midshipmen and cadets, in turn, will salute the president. The students here have long distinguished themselves for their service in so many ways. What have we got?

Social implications of minority dialects examined from perspectives of their genesis, maintenance and social functions.

Before I get into the ways to improve your commander’s ranking, I want to give some general advice. Avoid Negativity If you haven’t already, at some point you’ll hear people talk about “playing the game. Let me tell you–this is NOT true. I’ve found that a lot of negativity exists about ROTC. It is my belief that this type of negativity and criticism exists everywhere, in any organization. You must avoid this kind of mindset at all costs.

Truly, ROTC is what you make of it. You will get out what you put in. I believe it is a great training program that can prepare you to lead in the Air Force. So what does this have to do with the Commander’s Ranking? Typically it is discussed in terms of which third you fall into. For example, if you were ranked 5th in a class of 12, you would fall in the middle third. While most commander’s have a systematic way in which they rank cadets, this ranking is completely up to the commander. So, why does it matter where you get ranked?

How to Succeed in AFROTC

September 29, at Check out this interview with Emily! My uncle is retired Army and my grandfather served in the Air Force, so it was always in the back of my mind, but I wanted to see what college would be like without it first. I went through my first year of college and loved it, but knew there was something missing. I ran cross-country in high school and I missed having that team atmosphere.

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In the southwest of the city, Staten Island is the southernmost part of both the city and state of New York, with Conference House Park at the tip of the island. The borough is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull, with a Census-estimated population of , , Staten Island is the least populated of the boroughs but is the third-largest in area at 58 sq mi. The borough is coextensive with Richmond County, and until was the Borough of Richmond and its flag was later changed to reflect this.

Staten Island has been called the forgotten borough by inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government. The East Shore is home to the 2. R, Boardwalk, the fourth-longest in the world. The South Shore, site of the 17th-century Dutch and French Huguenot settlement, the West Shore is the least populated and most industrial part of the island. The landfill is being redeveloped as Freshkills Park, a devoted to restoring habitat.

As in much of North America, human habitation appeared in the island fairly rapidly after the retreat of the ice sheet, archaeologists have recovered tool evidence of Clovis culture activity dating from about 14, years ago. This evidence was first discovered in in the Charleston section of the island, various Clovis artifacts have been discovered since then, on property owned by Mobil Oil. The island was abandoned later, possibly because of the extirpation of large mammals on the island.

Rossville points are a type of arrowhead that defines a Native American cultural period that runs from the Archaic period to the Early Woodland period.

Guide, Memorabilia Collection (MEM), University Archives, University of Pennsylvania

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However, it has also evolved into a soulful, musical “sing-song” version that is fun to sing and march to, as well as more elaborate “jodies” which are generally shouted or sung in a call-and-response fashion. Wikipedia’s Military Cadence page has more information and history. Cadences Make You Run Better? Of course this is not the case: However, this can be a good thing, since it makes running more challenging–if you can train yourself to run quickly while singing, you will run even better when you’re not singing.

Surely there are some added diaphragm control benefits to boot. Plus, if one is running in a formation that includes a couple of slightly slower people, those weaker runners can occasionally “drop out” of a line or two of the jody, allowing them to catch their breath without slowing down the rest of the group. The main motivation for cadences, however, is psychological: Style Points Tips for the wannabe cadence-caller: The Navy and Marine Corps rarely use numbers to call cadence–especially marching cadence.

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