Study the piece under the loop carefully. First off, determine whether it is hand carved or machine made. Lasers are now used to create cameos. If the cameo has a snowy appearance to it, it is machine made. This texture and the lack of any undercutting is what is used to determine whether a cameo is machine-made. Next, try to determine what the cameo is made from. Shell was one of the most popular materials used for cameos after Ivory was also used.

Cameo Jewellery Information and History

To make a good selection of the shell fit for carving is an art by itself. Then, the carver outlines in pencil the shapes of the cameos that will be obtained from that material and then begins the carving process. Although modern machinery now assists in the initial stages of the process, the intricate details are still carved by hand.

Most agate, sardonyx or onyx stone agate are carved from a hand made original, and then carved ultrasonically.

This is a highly absorbent material and must be kept dry.

I guarantee the authenticity of all my cameos and jewels. I stand behind my items and check them personally before listing any for sale. If there is any defect in an item it is clearly stated in my description. My 10 years in the trade of antique cameos is your guarantee. If you need any further information on the items listed please just ask, I’m always happy to answer! I have a fantastic layaway plan, no fees or further charges or interest are applied.

Antique Cameo Jewelry

They make cameos from about 26 different types of shell but for the most part there shell that came from the sea. The setting may be gold, silver, brass, or pinchback but the cleaning is almost the same. There are quite a few fancy and expensive ways to clean cameo jewelry such as ionic cleaners, steam cleaners, and many more. But whenever you enter a priceless old cameo into the modern world of cleaners you take a chance of damaging your cherished piece of jewelry.

The hairstyle evokes the s, another war, and is a subtle reference to an extremely popular book and movie that made cameos enjoy one of their regular cyclical comebacks.

Leslie Hindman on There is a very long history associated with cameos, dating back more than 2, years to ancient Egypt. Cameos have been carved from various materials such as: They often depict the classic male or female in profile but are not limited to this. In fact, it has only been since the 19th century that this motif became the most well known form of cameo carving. The key to determining the value of any cameo is found within the age of the carving and technique used to create it.

When examining a cameo one must pay close attention to the intricacy of the carving and the overall quality of the image produced. Shell cameos in large part represent the most recent wave of cameo production while agate and hard stone cameos encompass the most sought-after and rare examples for the most part.

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Technique[ edit ] Ancient and Renaissance cameos were made from semi-precious gemstones , [3] especially the various types of onyx and agate , and any other stones with a flat plane where two contrasting colours meet; these are “hardstone” cameos. In cheaper modern work, shell and glass are more common. Glass cameo vessels, such as the famous Portland Vase , were also developed by the Romans.

They are not cheap!

Sports Themes Disney Characters For pet lovers, there are a variety of jewelers specializing in cameos that can even create custom pieces featuring your pet. Cameo accessories featuring astrological zodiac signs are also a popular contemporary option. Jewelry and Shapes Cameo designs are usually affixed to jewelry made in yellow or white gold, or sterling silver.

Gem stones and pearls are sometimes added to embellish the designs. Although the oval is a classic cameo jewelry shape, there are many other shapes cameos are designed in, including squares, teardrops or pears, rounds, turned ovals, and hearts. Pricing As with most jewelry, costs for cameo pieces vary depending on a variety of factors. Vintage pieces are usually more costly than vintage-inspired pieces, but the level of artistry and fine materials available today also come into play.

The type of jewelry the cameo is affixed to, any additional jewel or pearl embellishment, and whether the item is custom-designed or a stock item also affect the cost.

DiVinci Three Graces Hand Carved Shell Cameo from Gem of the Day

Main Menu Cameo Jewellery Information and History Cameo jewellery is one of the most popular forms of displaying cameos. Prosperity in the Renaissance era lead to an increase in the demand for jewellery. Jewellery became part of the costume of the time and it was not long before the cameo sculptors took advantage of this by incorporating their artwork into jewellery. The art of engraving gemstones can be traced back to ancient Greece in the 8th century BC and earlier.

The Castellani stock of cameos intaglios were rarer was carved in stones that they themselves had selected for quality and color or for other unusual qualities, as in the rich, new imports from South America.

The cameo dates to the second half of the sixteenth century when Italy was the center for gem-cutting on hardstones, mainly in the north around Milan. In the late eighteenth century there was a new wave of interest in engraved gems, and earlier cameos were either kept in cabinets or set in contemporary jewels, such as this ring. Description Cameo of a nude female bust in frontal view with the head slightly turned in three quarter profile.

With her left hand she reaches under her breasts towards the drapery which barely covers her right shoulder. With her raised right hand she grips a veil in her hair tied with a fillet. The ring with a plain hoop has a bezel with ribbed underside and a scalloped border with black enamel surrounds the cameo. The ring is in good condition and shows traces of wear. Literature This popular cameo motif comes in a number of variations and choice of gemstones in the 16th and 17th centuries.


The original box houses the brooch. This rare accompaniment adds value. The diamond weight is substantial and the craftsmanship superb.

Looking at the illustrations and written descriptions is a definitive way to date pieces.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Two-layered onyx Renaissance cameo of an African king, 16th century, Italy? It nearly always features a raised positive relief image; contrast with intaglio , which has a negative image. Today the term may be used very loosely for objects with no colour contrast, and other, metaphorical, terms have developed, such as cameo appearance.

This derives from another generalized meaning that has developed, the cameo as an image of a head in an oval frame in any medium, such as a photograph. Technique Ancient and Renaissance cameos were made from semi-precious gemstones , [2] especially the various types of onyx and agate , and any other stones with a flat plane where two contrasting colours meet; these are “hardstone” cameos. In cheaper modern work, shell and glass are more common.

Glass cameo vessels, such as the famous Portland Vase , were also developed by the Romans. Modern cameos can be produced by setting a carved relief, such as a portrait, onto a background of a contrasting colour. This is called an assembled cameo. Alternatively, a cameo can be carved by the traditional, but far more difficult, method directly out of a material with integral layers or banding, such as banded agate or layered glass, where different layers have different colours.

Sometimes dyes are used to enhance these colours. Engraved gem Woman wearing a cameo at her throat, on a high lace collar in the Edwardian style.

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A few of the other famous cameo collectors throughout history include: Both the Vatican and Napoleon established schools or workshops for cameo carvers. Among royalty, Queen Caroline created a noteworthy collection of cameos, some dating from the s.

Cassis rufa, known as cornelian, is a common type of shell used for cameos and varies in color from very light to deep brown orange.

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